the Kismet convex mirror

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The Kismet convex mirror uses one of the frames I designed as a starting off point. I used silver metal gilding on parts of it then filled the upper flat frame with a sunburst of clear Venetian glass rods. I then studded the perimeter of the frame with large rock crystal quartz points.

The Kismet convex mirror is around 16 inches in diameter.

Jewelry for walls!

The word Kismet comes from antique Turkish meaning fate and destiny. You, my friend, are destined to own this mirror! LOL!! Kismet is the name of several theatrical presentations. The first was a film from 1944 starring Ronald Coleman and Marlene Dietrich( where her legs were painted gold for her dance scene!). The second was a film of the Broadway musical with the set decoration by the dazzling Tony Duquette!

Kismet from 1944.
Some of the gorgeous effects by Tony Duquette from the 1955 musical. Its amazing what you can achieve with tinsel and sparklers! That’s Vic Damone on horseback.
Howard Keel and the fabulous Dolores Gray camping it up!