the Hyperion convex mirror

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The Hyperion convex mirror is a twin of sorts to my Kismet mirror. They both have the same wood frame but the Hyperion has a sunburst of gold as well at the sides. I managed to fit many large chunks of rock crystal quartz points making this one of the heaviest mirrors I’ve ever made!

The Hyperion convex mirror is about 17 inches in diameter. Its currently in my studio pending being shipped to one of my showrooms.

Jewelry for walls!

The Hyperion convex mirror is named for the titan in Greek mythology who sired Helios( the personification of the sun), Selen( goddess of the moon) and Eos( goddess of the dawn). Hyperion is described as the “giver of light”. Helios and Hyperion are interchangeable for the sun god. For more go to

A bronze coin featuring Hyperion, Greek, 4th century BC
A William Blake illustration used frequently to show the titan Hyperion, 1794.