the Olympiad convex mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

The Olympiad convex mirror is unusual for me in that the scale is, for me, immense. I used a deep oval 19th century frame and used metal leaf on the outside( silver) and on the inner( gold). I then mounted three levels of rock crystal quartz points on the silver. The results are dazzling! But the mirror is heavy!

I had to find a convex mirror for this frame and after exhausting all my resources I had a piece of convex glass custom made. Then I created a mirror using modern mirroring techniques( tin/silver) and not the antique way of doing it using mercury(!). The results were gratifying and as imperfect as I wanted the mirror to be.

Olympiad measures 24″ by 22″ and is 4″ deep. It is currently in my studio till I send it to one of my showrooms.

Jewelry for walls!

Assembly of the gods on Mount Olympus by Raphael and his assistants( 1518-19) in the Villa Farnesina in Rome.

I called this mirror Olympiad because its fit for the gods! Also the Olympic ideal of striving for the best.