the Orb convex mirror

In All by Mark Evans

The Orb convex mirror consists of a silver metal gilded frame where the curves of the inside surface are encrusted with clear crystal, glass and polycarbonate spheres and cabochons. But the addition of the natural rock crystal spheres around the perimeter act like the rays of the sun. I must have a thing for spheres!

The Orb convex mirror is 13″ in diameter and is being sent to one of my showrooms.

Jewelry for walls!

Just some of the mineral spheres that I’ve been collecting for years!

Probably the most famous sphere in the art world is the one in Leonardo Di Vinci’s Salvator Mundi( 1499-1510). The attribution of this painting is highly controversial but it is still the world’s most expensive painting( 4450 million).

The crystal sphere in Christ’s left hand is the “celestial sphere of the heavens.” Also highly controversial, the sphere does not adhere to the distortions usually associated with a solid crystal ball. Leonardo was fascinated with the nature of the physical world and loved tinkering with inventions and the study of optics. This celestial sphere does not have any reflections or the normal distortions that happen with a transparent lens or sphere.

Is this a mistake by one of his pupils while the artist was copying the original painting? Or is Leonardo telling us something more mysterious, symbolic or is it a metaphor for the spiritual realm?