the Herodiade convex mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

The Herodiade convex mirror is unusual in that the frame itself has a convex shape. I was required to snip the Venetian glass rods into sections to fit the curve. The results have a fractured dazzle that is unique. Gold, gray, straw and clear rods are placed over a silver leafed surface. The inner frame is studded with clear cabochons.

The Herodiade convex mirror is around 20 inches in diameter. It resides in my studio pending being shipped to one of my showrooms.

Jewelry for Walls!

The Herodiade convex mirror is named for one of the most odious characters in biblical lore. She was the mother of Salome. She asked Salome to dance sensually for her husband Herod in exchange for the head of John the Baptist.

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Herodiade was the subject or featured character in two operas. One by Richard Strauss and one by Jules Massenet( where there is a happy ending!)

A painting of a rather young Herodiade by Paul Delaroche( 1843)
Helga Dernesch in Strauss’ Salome. She blazed as Herodias in a green satin hostess gown!
The set designs for the premiere of Herodiade in Brussels, 1881
The first Herodiade in Massenet’s opera. Rather matronly