Fedora Convex Mirror

In Mirrors by Arif

The Fedora convex mirror has a classic shape but the layering of four colors of Venetian glass rods takes the shape to another place. A richer and complex place. The addition of the clear rock crystal points draws the eye to the mirror and adds another glittering element to the design.

The Fedora mirror measures about 24 inches in diameter. It resides in my studio till being shipped to one of my showrooms.

Jewelry for walls!

The Fedora convex mirror is named for the opera Fedora by Umberto Giordano in 1898. The plot is a lot of nonsense about Russian aristocrats at cross purposes. Love, passion, impossible coinsidences and the death of the heroine from poison being imbibed from a Byzantine cross necklace.

The music has one great tune that is an ear worm. The rest is pretty boring, but a great sporano can give it a jolt of life!

Maria Callas as Fedora at La Scala, 1955
The marvelous Mirella Freni taking on Fedora near the end of her career. Go to around the five minute mark to hear the audience go berserk for her.