the Apollodorus convex mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

The Apollodorus convex mirror is lavished with spheres of lapis lazuli. Combined with Venetian blue glass and a gold metal leafed frame the finished piece is a dazzler.

The Apollodorus convex mirror is about 12.5 inches in diameter. It will be shipped to one of my showrooms soon.

Jewelry for Walls!

The Apollodorus convex mirror is named for several prominent individuals in the ancient world.

Apollodorus of Athens (died after 120 bc) was a Greek scholar of wide interests who is best known for his Chronika (Chronicle) of Greek history.

Apollodorus the Sicilian as a follower of queen Cleopatra and in 48 BC was said to smuggle her rolled in a carpet into the royal palace of Alexandria to meet Julius Caesar.

As seen in the film Cleopatra. That’s Liz rolled up in the carpet!

But Apollodorus of Damascus is the real inspiration behind this mirror. He was an architect and engineer in 2nd century BC. Among his many accomplishments was the design of the Pantheon in Rome(126 AD). The incredible dome in the Pantheon inspired( in part) my mirror in that Apollodorus used the circle interlocking with the square to define the architecture.

The interior of the Pantheon fits a perfect sphere.
Of course, I have an obsession with spheres….