the Putto convex mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

The Putto convex mirror started with a silver metal gilded frame is lined with rose quartz spheres and pale pink Venetian glass rods. The rays of the mirror are rose quartz obelisks.

The Putto convex frame is about 16.5 inches in diameter. This mirror was a special commission.

Jewelry for walls!

Raphael’s famous putti in his masterpiece, the Sistina Madonna( 1512)

The Putto convex mirror is named for those chubby, pink, winged male babies populating European painting from the renaissance onward. Putti( the plural of putto) can either be symbols of angelic presence or symbols and participants in profane love. Quite a range!

Putti are associated with cupid, the god of love and offspring of Venus. He can be seen shooting arrows of love at unsuspecting humans.

Rubens, The Garden of Love 1633 – 1634