the Aether convex mirror

In All, Mirrors by Mark Evans

The Aether convex mirror is made from a silver gilded frame that is covered with layers of pale blue, medium blue and clear Venetian glass rods. that surface is studded with three sizes of glass cabochons. At the end of each ray is finial of blue Chalcedony jade and faceted rock crystal spheres.

The Aether convex mirror is about 8 inches in diameter. It is in my studio pending being shipped to one of my showrooms.

Jewelry for Walls!

Aether battling a lion headed giant from the Pergamon altar( Greek 2nd century BC)

Aether is named after the figure in Greek mythology who personifies the upper, celestial, clear blue sky.

Aether, together with his sister( Herera/Daytime sky) and parents( Nix/Night and Erebus/the underworld darkness), he existed before the Olympian gods

Aether and his family are known as the Protogenoi, a group of deities born before all Greek gods.

Aether’s realm was the pure, heavenly air that was inhaled by the Greek pantheon on Mount Olympus. But with the help of his sister Hemera — who cleared their parents’ darkness from the world every morning — this primordial god also shone his light down on Earth. 

Aether figures into the creation of the ancient Greek mythological world. The following is possibly drawn from the Rhapsodies, an account of the creation of the world attributed to “Orpheus” by the sixth century AD chronographer John Malalas. This is what Orpheus stated. He said that at the beginning Aither was revealed to Time, having been created by God, and there was Chaos on this side of Aither, and on that, while dark Night held everything and covered what was under Aither, signifying that Night came first. Orpheus said in his account that there was a certain Being who was incomprehensible, supreme over all, before all, and the creator of all things, including the Aither itself and Night and the whole creation that was concealed and was beneath the Aither. He said that the Earth was invisible beneath the darkness. He declared that Light broke through the Aither and illuminated the Earth and all creation, saying that the Light which broke through the Aither was that being mentioned above, that was supreme over all things, whose name Orpheus heard from the oracle and declared: “Metis, Phanes, Erikepaios”.

Aether in a woodcut print by Henrik Goltzeus( 1588-1590)