the La Colombe convex mirror

In All by Arif

The La Colombe convex mirror is on the small size but glitters like a diamond. Starting with a silver gilded frame I added layers of Venetian glass rods, all clear. The center is raised and topped with rock crystal beads.

La Colombe is about 10 inches in diameter and is being shipped to the Ainsworth-Noah showroom in Atlanta. For more information go to 404-240-2137

La Colombe is French for dove. Pablo Picasso did a lithograph of a dove( actually a pigeon given to him by Matisse!) in 1949 and it has been given the title Dove of Peace.

Picasso created many other drawing and artwork using the image of a dove and they have all been associated with the ideal of peace in this world.

Picasso’s 1949 lithograph of the Dove of Peace