the Siegfried Convex Mirror

In All, Mirrors by Mark Evans

The Siegfried convex mirror is composed of large smoky quartz and clear quartz points. The inner ring of the frame is filled with cube-like chunks of calcite.

I think that simplicity and earthiness of the materials and composition echo the dramatic natural world depicted in the opera Siegfried.

This mirror is about 17 inches in diameter.  It resides in my studio till being shipped to one of my showrooms.

Jewelry for walls.

Siegfried is the title character in the opera Siegfried by Richard Wagner.  It premiered On August, 16, 1876 as the third opera in Wagner’s Ring Cycle.

Siegfried is kind of an innocent dope.  His parents were the children of the head god, Wotan.  Yes, they committed incest and both paid for their sudden passion with their lives.  Siegfried was raised in the deep forest by the loathsome dwarf Mime who wanted nothing but to use Siegfried for his own greedy ends.  Needless to say, dragons, talking birds, sword forging and an encounter with a sleeping demi-goddess surrounded by magical fire ensue!

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Siegfried slaying the dragon, Fafner.
Siegfried and the Rhine Maidens by Albert Pinkham Ryder between 1888 and 1891

Siegfried discovering the sleeping Brunnhilde