the Boreas Convex Mirror

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The Boreas convex mirror is comprised of a silver frame that has hundreds of pieces of clear Venetian glass rods attached that mimic the sunburst of the shape.  Also I’ve embellished the glass with many clear pyramids of varying sizes refracting the reflections.  Deep in the frame are areas that are thick with silver glitter adding a novel addition to the richness of the piece.  Resting on the inner frame are glass, silver/pewter beads that send out sparkles of light.

The “mirror” is actually the combination of an oval resin lens sitting on top of a real mirror.  I like the distortion that this creates. 

This mirror is about 18″ by 16″ in diameter.  It resides in my studio till being shipped to one of my showrooms.

Jewelry for walls.

Boreas is one of the four Greek mythological wind gods.  Boreas is the god of the north wind and brings winter to wherever is in his path. Like so many other gods, most artwork depicting him show him “abducting” his wife Oreithyia.  Seems a little more like kidnapping and rape…to me, at least.

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The Tower of the Winds or the Horologion of Andronikos Kyrrhestes is an octagonal Pentelic marble clocktower in the Roman Agora in Athens that functioned as a horologion or “timepiece”. … Unofficially, the monument is also called Aerides (Greek: Αέρηδες), which means Winds. It was built around 50BC.
An engraving of a carving of Boreas on the Tower of the Winds.

Boreas and the Abduction of Oreithyia by Francesco Solimena circa 1730
Boreas Abducting Oreithyia by Charles William Mitchell in 1893.