the Midnight Sun Convex Mirror

In All, Mirrors by Mark Evans


The Midnight Sun convex mirror is one of a small number that I’ve composed in black. The rays of the mirror are labradorite crystals that flash peacock colors from the depths of the stone. The other stones are onyx and jet.

The labradorite points are attached to the frame with steel pins and epoxy glue/paste.  Needless to say, the attachment is delicate, but if the mirror is installed and isn’t handled too much it will be fine.  The mirror should only be lifted by its frame.

This mirror is about 15.5 inches in diameter.  It resides in my studio till being shipped to one of my showrooms.  But its a beautiful piece and I may just keep it for my personal collection.

Jewelry for walls.

Ice Floes under the Midnight Sun by William Bradford, 1869

The midnight sun is natural phenomenon that occurs in the summer months in places north of the Arctic Circle or south of the Antarctic Circle when the sun remains visible at the local midnight. When the midnight sun is seen in the Arctic, the sun appears to move from left to right, but in Antarctica the equivalent apparent motion is from right to left.


Fairbanks, Alaska. Lets say its 2 am!
Pioneers in the Sun by Rockwell Kent circa 1918

A still from an episode of the Twilight Zone named The Midnight Sun, 1961.