the Shard Mirror

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Shard MirrorThe Shard mirror is made using an antique oval frame that was gilded with silver.  The shards of irregularly shaped resin surround the frame like rays of ice.

The rest of the frame is decorated with pieces of clear Venetian glass rods.

The frame holds a large clear resin cabochon.  Not easy to make!  It is backed with a mirror but you will not see a reflection.  Perhaps upside-down and distorted, but not a true reflection.

This mirror is about 9 inches by 8 inches.  It is currently in my studio waiting to be shipped to one of my showrooms.  If you are interested contact me directly.

Jewelry for walls.

Shard mirror side

These days its hard to avoid thoughts of melting ice.  As tragic as that is the images of cracked and split ice are beautiful to behold.  These images helped me visualize this mirror.

Georges Braque(1882-1963) and other cubist painters inspired the Shard Mirror.  This painting, Mandora, was painted in 1910.

Mandora 1909-10 Georges Braque 1882-1963 Purchased 1966