the Tancredi Convex Mirror

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Tancredi Convex Mirror 16"D

The Tancredi convex mirror is made of a combination hand cast resin gems in various shapes ranging from classic emerald cut to cubist.  They are stacked on five layers.  Venetian glass, lapis beads and smoky quartz spheres encrust the rest of the frame.  It looks as if a treasure of jewels were magically formed into a mirror.

This mirror is 16 inches in diameter.  It is currently in my studio waiting to be shipped to one of my showrooms.  If you are interested contact me directly.

Jewelry for walls.

Tancredi Side

Tancredi Detail

This mirror is named after the legendary medieval knight Tancredi, prince of Galilee.  Tancredi was an historical figure but his persona was used by the poet Torquato Tasso in his 1591 epic poem about the first crusade.  In it the christian Tancredi falls in love with the muslim Clorinda.  Mayhem, magic and tragedy ensue.

abbazia di santa Maria di Cerrate, museo delle tradizioni popolari, affresco strappato con il Miracolo della Cerva e San Giorgio con la principessa

 A fresco of the knight Tancredi from the Abbey of Saint Mary of Cerrate, founded in the eleventh century by Count Tancredi d’Altavilla.


A painting by Paolo Domenico Finoglia( 1590-1645) of Tancredi and Clorinda

Gioachino Rossini adapted the poem for his opera, Tancredi in 1813.  The role of the knight was written for a castrato but is played by mezzo-sopranos today.  Marilyn Horne Dazzled in this “trouser roll”.


Marilyn Horne as Rossini’s Tancredi; Lyric Opera/LA Opera 1988/89.