the Aphrodite Assemblage

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The Aphrodite assemblage is a mixed media homage to the ancient world. We forget that the pagan world was one filled with cruelty, debauchery and superstition as well as sublime art, architecture and literature. Aphrodite, or Venus, was the goddess of love and fertility. She was also goddess of seafarers and war( Trojan War, for instance). Contradictions are built into her myth.

I used a miniature of the Venus de Milo as the focus of this piece. The starburst on top of her head symbolizes her divinity. The sculls and bones below refer to the animal sacrifices made in her honor. But they also refer to the savagery of war.

The Venus de Milo is undoubtedly one of the most famous works of art in the world.
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Since the Venus de Milo is so famous she has been exploited to sell everything from mugs to calendars. Below are some examples. Venus de Milo is on par with other merchandised masterpieces. Mona Lisa. Starry Night. Girl with the Pearl Earring. Christina’s World. Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans. The David.

You can find this Venus de Milo mug in the Louvre’s gift store!
Venus de Milo candles that you can find on Etsy or Amazon. Gardenia scented!
Salvador Dali’s take on the Venus de Milo. Made in 1936.