the Colonna Assemblage

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The Colonna assemblage is a small object with big meaning.  It was inspired by Trajan’s column in Rome.  A triumphal column with ( originally) a statue of the emperor on top.  This kind of monument has been adapted all over the world from Trafalgar’s column in London to Saint Theodore’s column in Venice.

The Christian, specially Catholic, religions adapted elements of the ancient world for two reasons: 1) Using fantastic pieces of architecture and sculpture was practical, and 2) represented the triumph of the church over the pagan world.  Hence the reuse of the Roman world’s columns.

My assemblage uses a quartz crystal fused with the fragment of an animal’s skull representing the natural world.  Topping this “column” is a marvelous toy I found, a miniature of the famous Discus Thrower( Discobolus, 460-450 BC).  I painted him black, the color of strength, power, mystery chaos and death.  He represents the human world.  I gave him a halo, a universal symbol representing divine, spiritual radiance.  Perhaps salvation.

This piece is 11 inches in height with the glass dome.  It resides in my studio till being shipped to one of my showrooms.  If you are interested please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Jewelry for tables.

Trajan’s column in Rome. Built in 113 /AD to commemorate emperor Trajan’s victory in the Dacian Wars. It is about 98 Feet high. Trajan’s statue at the top went missing centuries ago. Pope Sixtus V replaced it with a bronze of Saint Peter in 1587.