the Lakmé convex mirror

In All by Arif

The Lakmé convex mirror is composed of a silver gilded frame that is thickly encrusted with layers of Venetian glass rods. Clear, gray and pale aqua rods in a variety of diameters are used to give the frame an almost watery quality. This is a glamorous mirror!

The Lakmé convex mirror is almost 15 inches in diameter.

The Lakmé convex mirror is named after the opera by Léo Delibes first performed in Paris in 1883. This opera is an orientalist fantasy about a love affair between a Hindu priestess and a British army officer. Elements of colonialism and the faint whiff of racism permeate the plot. Luckily it can be performed with a bit of camp and it has two indelible tunes soaked in perfume and exoticism. An aria and a duet are performed below.

Jewelry for walls!

Lily Pons was famous for her interpretation of Lakmé. High notes galore and an exposed belly button! Here she is in the 1935 movie “I Dream Too Much”. Indeed.