the Leonora II Convex Mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

The Leonora II convex mirror is built on a sunburst frame that I found in a second hand store.  Once I refinished the frame and gilded it I started to mount layers of Venetian glass rods in various colors of gold and amber.  I added cabochons in various sizes and colors of gold and dark amber.  Some are clear and some have been gilded on the back. The resulting mirror is truly sun-like.

The mirror measures 23 inches in diameter.

If you are interested in this mirror please contact me.

The Leonora mirror is named for the soprano lead in Verdi’s Il Trovatore.  The tragedy of Leonora combines all the best in Verdi’s heroines, passion, regret, courage and moral strength.

Leonora’s music is sublime. One of the most demanding in all opera, her music soars with emotion.  Just listen to her third act aria sung by Sondra Radvanovsky

The sheen and brilliance of her voice is breathtaking.  Leonora, her character, is heartbreaking.

Il Trovatore Engraving


Sondra Radvanovsky in Il Trovatore.  Her voice is golden, just like my Leonora convex mirror!