the Castor and Pollux Convex Mirrors

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Castor and Pollux Mirrors

My new convex mirrors that I’ve named Castor and Pollux, the semi-divine twins that Zeus transformed into the constellation Gemini.

Both mirrors are built on hand made wood framed that I gilded and covered with layers of Venetian glass rods in various colors. Castor is silver and Pollux is gold.
They are 18 inches in diameter.

More jewelry for walls!

If you are interested in these mirrors please contact the Quintus showroom and ask for Jobi Bachy, 323-634-1924.

Each mirror is sold individually.

Castor Mirror

The Castor Convex Mirror

Pollux Mirror

The Pollux Convex Mirror


The statue of Castor and Pollux in the gardens of Versailles.  It was carved by Antoine Coysevox in 1712.  The original is Roman.