Atalanta Convex Mirror

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Atalanta Convex Mirror

Atalanta Convex Mirror detail

Combining gilded pyramids and clear spikes topped with gold balls this sunburst convex mirror is a contemporary riff on classic designs.  The gilding is used in an interesting way, only the backs of the pyramids and balls are leafed giving them a “back-lit” quality that changes with the light of the day.

The Atalanta convex mirror is about 22 inches in diameter.  This mirror is currently hanging in my studio.

Charles Meere 1938

This mirror is named after the Greek princess Atalanta who was sort of a tomboy.  She would only agree to marry a man who could beat her in a foot race.  A suitor named Melanion fell in love with her and asked the goddess Aphrodite to help him win the race.  She provided him with three gold apples to be tossed on the ground during the race to distract Atalanta.  He won the race.  The golden spheres on this mirror look like the kind of  thing that would distract a person like her.

The painting above was painted by Charles Meere in 1938.