Zenobia Convex Mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

Zenobia Convex Mirror

The Zenobia convex mirror is encrusted with a mosaic of clear Venetian glass rods backed with gold leaf.  The mosaic surrounds mirror backed cabochons made in my studio.

The Zenobia convex mirror is 10.5 inches in diameter.

This mirror is hanging in my studio but may be shipped to a showroom soon.

Zenobia Convex Mirror Detail

Zenobia Side View

The Zenobia convex mirror is named for the 3rd century empress of the Palmyrene empire, Zenobia.  The Palmyrene empire was centered in what is now Syria.  Zenobia, the “Warrior Queen” expanded her empire conquering the Roman territory of Egypt.  Of course, Rome was furious with Zenobia’s presumption and military prowess.  Zenobia’s army and emperor Aurelian’s Roman forces clashed in battle and the Palmyrene army lost disasterously.  Zenobia was dragged to Rome and she was displayed at Aurelian’s triumph in golden chains.

Herbert Gustave Schmalz Zenobia

A painting of Zenobia by Herbert Gustave Schmalz in 1888.