The Theadora Convex Mirror

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Theodora Convex Mirror

The Theadora convex mirror is composed of a mosaic of Venetian glass rods and clear cabochons.  Each cabochon is made by me and backed with a small mirror.

The mosaic is painstakingly composed of short cuts of glass rods in amber, golds, yellows and taupe.  Each is placed with a tweezer and anchored with a layer of clear resin.

The Theadora convex mirror is 12 inches in diameter.

This mirror is currently in my studio.  If you are interested in it you can contact me through this website.

Theadora Convex Mirror Side


Empress TheodoraThe Theadora convex mirror is named after the Empress Theodora, the 6th century Byzantine empress.  Theodora rose from being an “actress” to marrying the Emperor Justinian I.  The incredible opulence of Byzantium is exemplified by Justinian and Theodora greatest accomplishment, the building of the Hagia Sophia church in Constantinople.  One can imagine Theodora walking into this vast church with her robes, heavy with jewels, dragging on the marble mosaic floor.