Through the Looking Glass

In Assemblages by Arif

The Through the Looking Glass assemblage is a riff on the stories of Lewis Carroll( 1832-1898), specially Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Carroll wrote about a fantastical world seen through the eyes of Alice. Children, adults and the artists of the Surrealistic movement(!) found joy and inspiration in his work.

My assemblage is composed of a miniature mirror with the back sprinkled with glass stars. I found a wonderful ostrich toy that I gilded and split into two halves. All of this is housed in a glass dome. The piece is about 11 inches in height.

Jewelry for tables!

Carroll’s work was blessed with the inclusion of illustrations by the brilliant John Tenniel. His work brings Carroll’s nonsensical world to life visually.

from ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND, by Lewis Carroll, with illustrations by John Tenniel. Macmillan and Co, London, 1898.