the Rosa d’Oro convex mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

The Rosa d’Oro convex mirror is comprised of three levels of gold, straw and clear stacked Venetian glass rods. The center of the frame is a combination of quartz spheres, gold Venetian glass and hand-made resin jewels.

The Rosa d’Oro convex mirror is about 16 inches in diameter. It is being shipped to my Los Angeles showroom, Jasper. Call 310-315-3028 for more information.

Jewelry for Walls!

The Rosa d’Oro( or Golden Rose” is an ornament, which pope of the Catholic Church have traditionally blessed annually. It is occasionally conferred as a token of reverence or affection. Recipients have included churches and sanctuaries, royalty, military figures, and governments.

Thornless, like those that perfumed Heaven, it was the symbol of the Passion of the Christ and his Resurrection.

Rosa d’Oro in the Cluny Museum, Paris

This rose, which was given to the Count of Neuch√Ętel by Pope John XXII in 1330, is the oldest golden rose still held. The Vatican archives allowed its creator, the Sienna goldsmith Minucchio who worked in Avignon, to be identified.