the Anatole convex mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

The Anatole convex mirror is a combination of various shades of blue Venetian glass rods and cabochons. Surrounding the frame are large lapis lazuli spheres capped with cat’s eye glass.

The Anatole convex mirror is about 10.5 inches in diameter. It hangs in my studio pending being shipped to one of my showrooms.

Jewelry for Walls!

The Hours by Edward Burne-Jones, 1882

Anatole (Greek: Ανατολη, meaning “Rising”) was the second eldest of the mythological Horae who represent the hours, or different times of the day. Anatole represented sunrise or dawn.

The Horae are known to accompany the sun god Apollo into the sky, and take care of the horses that pull the chariot of the sun. They would assist in taking the horses out to pasture, taking Helios’ corona off his head, and putting away the chariot.

Anatole was also specifically mentioned in the poem Dionysiaca as a protector and handmaiden of the hall of Harmonia (in the vault of heaven), who stood at one of the four gates. She attended to the side towards the East Wind, Euros.

Apollo with the Hours, Georg Frederich Kersting, 1822