the Phaedra Mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

Phaedra Mirror

The Phaedra Mirror is composed of three layers of Venetian glass in various colors of reds and golds.  The center is a large crystal cabochon backed with a mirror.  Truly a mirror with no reflection.

It measures about 16 inches in diameter.

If you are interested in purchasing this mirror please contact Jobi Blachy at the Quintus showroom.  His number is 323-634-1924.

Phaedra Mirror SidePhaedra

The Phaedra mirror is inspired partly by the myth of the tragic queen Phaedra.  She was married to Theseus( of Minotaur fame) who’s son by a prior marriage was Hippolytus.  The goddess Aphrodite fell in love with the handsome Hippolytus but he rejected her for the love of a chaste priestess.  The goddess then cursed him with the passionate love of his own stepmother, Phaedra.  He rejected Phaedra and she went mad with desire.  Tragedy ensued.  Theseus found out about Phaedra’s obsession and killed his son( why his son and not Phaedra is odd).  Then Phaedra commited suicide out of guilt.Phaedra Mirror detail