The Fricka Mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

Fricka MirrorThe Fricka Mirror is made of layers of silvery Venetian glass.  The glass is deeply built up to create a shimmery, almost iridescent effect.  Truly, jewelry for walls.

Instead of a convex mirror the center is composed of a large glass convex lens backed with a mirror.  Gazing into it does not provide a reflection…

The mirror is named for the Norse goddess, Fricka.  She plays a major roll in Wagner’s Ring Cycle as the protectress of hearth and home.

The Fricka Mirror measures 14 inches in diameter.

If you are interested in the Fricka mirror please contact the Aisworth-Noah showroom and ask for Dennis Hunt at 404-231-8787.

Fricka Mirror Detail219 Fricka approaches in anger

The goddess Fricka furiously making her way to confront her husband, Wotan, most powerful of the gods.  Their argument will bee about the sanctity of marriage vows and, inevitably, monogamy.  Turns out Wotan has never been a faithful husband which added to her fire.

This illustration is part of a series based on Wagner’s Ring by Arthur Rackham.