The Otello Mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

Othello Mirror 35.5"

My Otello convex mirror is a sunburst frame layered with various gold colors of Venetian glass.  The wood frame was gilded before the rods were added.  The gold leaf created a “back lighting” that shines through the transparent glass.  The mirror measures 35.5 inches in diameter.

If you are interested in purchasing this mirror please contact Jobi Blachy at the Quintus showroom.  His number is 323-634-1924.


The Otello convex mirror was inspired by Verdi’s late opera masterpiece, Othello.  Perhaps the drama and power of Verdi’s music compelled me to make my biggest sunburst mirror so far.  Otello’s story and music is full of jealousy, deceit, violence and murder.  But it also has passages of sublime sweetness, gentleness and beauty.  Some things never change….

Othello Mirror Detail

Otello’s story is based in Cyprus when it was part of the Venetian empire.  Venice, of course, is the key to Verdi’s opera.  The arrogance and richness of Venice can be exemplified by the Pala d’Oro in San Marco.  The gold, jewels and enamels that make up this altarpiece are the colors of Venice.  And the colors of my Otello mirror.