the Oliver convex mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

The Oliver convex mirror is composed of a gold leafed frame and studded with rock quartz crystal spheres. The mirror is a true half dome!

The Oliver convex mirror is about 12 inches in diameter. It is being sent to my San Francisco showroom, Hewn. Please call 415-962-7833 for more information.

Jewelry for walls!

The convex glass mirror was a Venetian invention of about 1300, possibly connected with the development of the glass lenses used in the earliest spectacles (invented in the 1280s). All glass was blown into hollow spheres while malleable and hot. By coating half the glass sphere with a tin-mercury amalgam a convex mirror was created.

Convex mirrors are depicted in many famous paintings. Mostly from the northern European areas.

In later developments a truly flat glass was created and the convex glass became less popular.

A convex mirror in the Arnolfini marriage portrait by Van Eyck. 1434
The famous painting by Parmigianino of himself in a convex mirror. 1524
Installation View. Photographer: Dave Morgan, Artwork © Anish Kapoor, courtesy Lisson Gallery