the Idomeneo convex mirror

In All, Mirrors by Mark Evans

The Idomeneo convex mirror is an oval studded with gray agate spheres. The “rays” of the sunburst are dramatic Picasso jasper spears. The glass is mirrored with white gold.

The Idomeneo convex mirror measures about 14 inches by 16 inches. It hangs in my studio pending being shipped to one of my showrooms.

Jewelry for walls!

The Metropolitan Opera’s splendid set for Mozart’s opera Idomeneo. Designed by Jean-Pierre Ponnelle in 1982

Idomeneo is an opera crated by Wolfgang amadeus Mozart in 1781. It is based on the mythological story of King Idomeneo. The opera begins with Idomeneo returning from his victory in the Trojan war when a great storm destroys his ship. Desperate to save his own life, he begs the god Neptune to spare him, and Neptune asks him for a sacrifice in return: the first living person that Idomeneo sees when he reaches the shore.

Back in Crete, reports of the wreckage of his father’s ship have brought Idamante to the sea’s edge to see if his father is alive. A fatal reunion on the shore seals Idamante’s fate. His own father must sacrifice him to appease the god of the sea.

Nothing can prevent this destiny. Sending Idamante away will not work, as he would have to travel by sea. Impatient for his sacrifice, Neptune sends a great monster to attack the people of Crete and force Idomeneo to fulfil his oath. Only the pure heart of Princess Ilia can prevent the fatal blow from striking Idamante, as love and innocent triumph over all.

Needless to say, avoid pissing off one of the gods!

Mozart’s operatic retelling of this ancient story is full of powerful emotions, as people struggle to do what they are bound to by duty over what their own hearts desire.

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A costume design for Idomeneo by Elena Mannini in 2011