the Invictus convex mirror

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The Invictus convex mirror is a special commission. The larger Sol Invictus mirror was used as a template for this smaller version. A gold metal leafed frame loaded with layers of Venetian glass rods and studded with half-dome cabochons.

The Invictus convex mirror is about 14 inches in diameter. It is being shipped to my client soon.

Jewelry for Walls!

A mosaic from the House of the Planetarium in ancient Roman Italica depicting the sun god Sol Invictus

In CE 274 the Roman emperor Aurelian made the sun god, Sol Invictus, a religion along with the other Roman god cults.

For a lot more information about Sol Invictus and the roll he played in the evolution of Christianity(!) go to the website below. We’re talking visions on battlefields, imperial assassinations and Christmas!