the Geode Convex Mirror

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The Geode convex mirror is one that has gone through various incarnations.  It was first just the black lacquered frame.  Then the inner curved surface was covered in small mirror mosaic.  The piece was sent out in the world but failed to find a buyer.  I asked for it back and thought what I could do to make it more…well, more!  My next step was to cover the mirror mosaic with clear resin pyramids in various sizes to refract the underlying mirrors.  Then I made mirrored  “rays” capped with black lacquered spheres to stretch the frame into a true sunburst.

I think it’s wonderful.  More thought and improvisation proved to make this mirror truly special.  And spectacular!

The Geode convex mirror is around 32 inches in diameter.  It will be placed in one of my showrooms at a later date.

Jewelry for walls!

For information about geodes go to

Every year I go to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show.  I buy a lot of crystals to use in my mirrors.  It is a treasure trove of amazing riches.  Sometimes there is so much that a person’s eyes get exhausted. Not to mention a person’s wallet!

Below is one tent filled to the brim with geodes.  Geodes with quartz, citrine and amethyst. A staggering amount!

Of course there is always an element of mineral abuse. Below you will find an amethyst geode with tiny miner’s doing what tine miners do.  After the thousands or millions of years in the creation of these crystal wonders it just seems tacky to do this to them…