the Bellini Convex Mirror

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The Bellini convex mirror is made up of large quartz crystal points on two levels. A corona of clear Venetian glass rods on silver metal leaf fill the middle ring.

The Bellini convex mirror is around 22 inches in diameter.  It is placed with my Atlanta showroom, Ainsworth-Noah.  Call 404.240.2137 for more.

Jewelry for walls!

Vincenzo Bellini (1801 -1835)
*5.8 cm
*circa 1830

Vincenzo Bellini( 1801-1835) was one of the legendary composers of the 19th century.  He was handsome to pretty.  He died tragically young which helped foster the placing Bellini in the pantheon of romantic heros.

Bellini was the quintessential composer of the Italian bel canto era of the early 19th century, and his work has been summed up by the London critic Tim Ashley as:

… also hugely influential, as much admired by other composers as he was by the public.  Verdi raved about his “long, long, long melodies such as no one before had written”Wagner, who rarely liked anyone but himself, was spellbound by Bellini’s almost uncanny ability to match music with text and psychology. Liszt and Chopin  professed themselves fans. Of the 19th-century giants, only Berlioz demurred. Those musicologists who consider Bellini to be merely a melancholic  tunesmith are now in the minority.

One of his most famous and challenging operas was Norma.  Check out the sublime Montserrat Caballe live:

Or Joan Sutherland singing in I Puritani: