the Malibran Convex Mirror

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The Malibran convex mirror is made up of quartz crystal points and beads, gold metal leaf and a corona of clear Venetian glass rods.

The Malibran convex mirror is around 7 inches in diameter.  It is placed with my Atlanta showroom, Ainsworth-Noah.  Call 404.240.2137 for more.

Jewelry for walls!

The Malibran mirror is named for a legendary singer.  Maria Malibran (24 March 1808 – 23 September 1836) was a Spanish singer who commonly sang both contralto and soprano parts, and was one of the most famous opera singers of the 19th century. Malibran was known for her stormy personality and dramatic intensity, becoming a figure of fascination after her death at age 28. People who heard her voice describe its range, power and flexibility as extraordinary.

Describing her voice and technique, French critic Castil-Blaze wrote, “Malibran’s voice was vibrant, full of brightness and vigor. Without ever losing her flattering timbre, this velvet tone that has given her so much seduction in tender and passionate arias. […] Vivacity, accuracy, ascending chromatic runs, arpeggios, vocal lines dazzling with strength, grace or coquetry, she possessed all that the art can acquire.”

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