The Sapphire Convex Mirror

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Sapphire Mirror

The Sapphire mirror is inspired by my birthstone. Sapphires symbolize wisdom, loyalty, protection and spiritual enlightenment.  Legend has it that sapphires could be an antidote against poison.

The blue of sapphires is like the blue of the sky, bringing to mind thoughts of heaven.  It is no wonder that sapphires are worn by priests and royalty.

The sapphire is second in hardness only to the diamond.  Sapphires come in a variety of colors and, of course, many shades of blue.  The deepest, richest blue is highly valued.

This mirror is covered in resin and glass sapphires made by hand in my studio.

If you are interested in this mirror please contact Jobi Blachy at the Quintus showroom, 323-634-1924.

Sapphire Mirror Detail


As you can see in this 1874 portrait of Czarina Maria Feodorovna, sapphires suit royalty perfectly.