The Solar Convex Mirror

In All, Mirrors by Mark Evans

Solar Convex MirrorThe Solar convex mirror is based on many illuminations and paintings of the solar system from the middle ages and renaissance.  In the early days of astronomy artists and scientists tried to make sense of the heavens.  The identification of the planets prompted a great deal of speculation and feats of imagination in order make real what they were observing through their telescopes.  Religion and mythology were used to illustrate the traits that were attributed to the planets.  The interplay between the arts and astronomy made for some  beautiful, and very modern, images.

Solar Convex Mirror Close-up

The disks installed on the frame are made of glass suspended in clear resin.  Each one is different.

The mirror is 20 inches in diameter.If you are interested in this mirror please contact the Quintus showroom at 323-634-1924.  Ask for Jobi Blachy.Aratea_93vAbove is a page from the Leiden Aratea, an illuminated treatis on the known solar system and how it is entwined with astrology.This rare volume was made in Lorraine in 816.