The Bourbon Dynasty: Marie Leszczyñska: The Dull ( 1703-1768)

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Marie Leszczyñska was the wife of Louis XV.   She was handsome instead of pretty and rather dull. She was good-natured, pious and essentially good.

When the marriage took place her 15 year old husband enthusiastically took her to bed and managed to make love to her seven times. Needless to say Marie Leszczyñska became pregnant and gave birth to ten children in ten years.

Marie Leszczyñska understood her roll as Queen. She performed her duties with punctuality and commitment.   But she never became a power at court and preferred to embroider altar clothes than to intrigue and gossip.

Marie Leszczyñska was beloved by the French people for her piety, kindness, charity and modest behavior. When she died at the age of 65 it was a blow to the prestige of the monarchy.

Note: Unaccustomed to the luxury and abundance of food and drink at the French court, Marie almost died shortly after her marriage. She had managed to eat nine dozen oysters and downed four flagons of beer at one sitting. She was given last rights but survived.




Lenticular is a technique where one image “flips” to another using finely calibrated stripes of lenses. Most peoples first contact with lenticulars is the “blinking eye” prize in a box of Cracker Jacks. All Bourbon lenticulars measure 8 inches by 10 inches.

They are made to order and come in editions of 10.

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