The Bourbon Dynasty: Louis, Dauphin: The Plump Bigot ( 1729-1765)

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Dauphin Louis was the polar opposite of his father, Louis XV. He was brought up by Jesuits and was very conservative and chaste. When asked about his favorite activity he replied “I like vegetating.” Needless to say, he was boring company.

Dauphin Louis was very fat, due to a glandular condition.  Although he looks pretty good in this( manipulated) portrait.

Three of his sons became Kings of France.

Note: Dauphin Louis was so much in love with his first wife that he left instructions for his heart to be buried with hers. It was a tradition with French royalty that their hearts be separated and interred with elaborate ceremony.

Wives: Marie Therese Rafaela of Spain, Marie Josephe of Saxony

Marie Therese Rafaela was perhaps the love of Dauphin Louis’ life. She was very much like him. She died giving birth to their only child. Dauphin Louis had to be dragged from her deathbed by his father and had to endure courtiers asking him about remarriage before his wife was buried.

Note: She was considered ugly because she had red hair.

Marie Josephe married the Dauphin Louis a year after his first wife died. He was still mourning her and she displayed a sensitivity, tact and kindness that soon won him over.

After several miscarriages Marie Josephe had a six children.

Note: Two of her children would be executed by the guillotine in the Reign of Terror. They were Louis XVI and daughter Elizabeth.




Lenticular is a technique where one image “flips” to another using finely calibrated stripes of lenses. Most peoples first contact with lenticulars is the “blinking eye” prize in a box of Cracker Jacks. All Bourbon lenticulars measure 8 inches by 10 inches.

They are made to order and come in editions of 10.

Framing is not included.