The Glacier Convex Mirror

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Glacier Convex Mirror

The Glacier convex mirror is composed of  layers of the biggest clear Venetian glass rods, giving the frame ocular distortions that make it appear to float.  I have also used prisms of clear resin under the glass to emphasize the transparency and glassiness of the mirror.  The inner ring of the frame is studded with quartz crystal points( actually clear resin cast by me).

Of course, the Glacier convex mirror is inspired by our disappearing glaciers due to global warming.  The ice-like clarity of the glass and the watery quality of the distortions refer to the ephemeral nature of glaciers.

The Glacier convex mirror measures about 17 inches in diameter and is currently hanging in my studio pending its being shipped to a  showroom.

Glacier DetailGlacier Side View

The painting used in the featured image of the Glacier mirror was done by Thomas Fearnley in 1838.  The title is Grindwald Glacier.