the Valois Box

In Boxes, Boxes by Mark Evans

The Valois lenticular box is made of a lacquered wooden box with  a marquetry of lenticular images veneering the outside.

A lenticular effect is where the image has a trick of having two images flip to each other or appear to have 3D depth depending on how the viewer looks at it.

  This box is veneered with a collage of lenticular images.  The different directions of the lenticular grooves give a shimmer and movement to the veneer…definitely taking a common, cracker jacks-like novelty and taking it to a high level of decorative art.  If I do say myself!

The box measures approximately 7″X7″X6.5″H.  It is off to our New York showroom, Profiles.  Contact Russell Raitreri at 212-689-6903 if you are interested.

Jewelry for tables.

This box is named after the French renaissance ruling royal dynasty, the Valois.  Much can be found out about this family at the below link.

This box is about Charley VI( 1368-1422). Charles was crowned king at the age of 13. He suffered from bouts of psychosis from an early age requiring regents who did their best to screw up France. This weakness was exploited the English king Henry V who invaded France and climaxed with the utter defeat of the French at Agincourt.

Detail: One manifestation of Charles’ madness was his perception that he was made of glass.

As part of my Valois lenticular series I created one for Charles VI.  Follow the link below to see more.