the Tiepolo convex mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

The Tiepolo convex mirror is primarily clear and pale peach/pink Venetian glass rods stacked on top of a silver leafed star shaped frame. The layers of glass are “back-lit” by the reflective quality of the silver.

The Tiepolo convex mirror is about 24 inches in diameter. It is being shipped to KRB in New York City. Call 212.288.2221 for more information.

Jewelry for Walls!

The Glorification of the Barbaro Family by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo(1696-1770)

The Tiepolo convex mirror was influenced by one of the most gifted artists of the 18th century in Europe, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. Based in Venice he infused religious and mythical subjects with gorgeous sunshine, humor and mystery. His color sense was a miracle of lightness. A master of ceiling frescoes Tiepolo exploded the confines of architecture and opened it to a vision of fantastic weightlessness.

Tiepolo’s enormous fresco of the “Four Corners of the World” in the Wurzburn Residenz. Painted from 1751-53.

Among the many books tracing the arc of Tiepolo’s life and art but there is one that investigates the darkness underneath the fluffy clouds and flying angels, Tiepolo Pink by Roberto Calasso.

My company, Evans & Brown, painted riffs on Tiepolo’s style many times.

A dome mural by Evans & Brown in the style of Tiepolo.
The Monadnock Building Lobby by Evans & Brown. It was our breakthrough project!