the Stormy Weather convex mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

The Stormy Weather convex mirror is a continuation of my exploration of the color black. The rays of this mirror consist of alternating obsidian with rock crystal obelisks. The inner frame has blue tiger eye circling the frame.

The Stormy Weather mirror is about 19 inches in diameter and will be shipped to one of my showrooms shortly.

Jewelry for walls!

Stormy Weather is named for the kind of storms I experienced in Washington DC while I was growing up. The air would be charged and the sky would churn with dark clouds until, finally, the rain would start to pour down. The rain would be almost hot! Wish I could experience that here in drought cursed California!

A poster for the great 1941 film Stormy Weather starring some of the most talented African American entertainers of the 20th century!
Lena Horne’s rendition of the song Stormy Weather is shattering.