the Soleil d’Or convex mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

The Soleil d’Or( or Golden Sun) convex mirror is a celebration of the variations on the color yellow. Alternating points of Golden Fluorite and Citrine obelisks create the rays of the sun while the inner ring of is embellished with yellow agate spheres. I specially like the way the striations of the Fluorite contrast with the luminescence of the Citrine.

The Soleil d’Or convex mirror is about 21 inches in diameter. It reside in my studio pending being sent to one of my showrooms

Jewelry for Walls!

The concept of the sun as a decorative device is very common. But the image of the sun is more an image personifying either a religious/spiritual interpretation or a symbol of political power through the ages. My Soleil d’Or mirror is just the latest to use the sun as the jumping off point for something that has more historical resonance than one may suspect.

A carving of the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten( 1352-1334 BC) and his wife Nefertiti worshiping the sun god Aten.
A monumental stone carving of the sun god Tonatiuh created during the last days of the Aztec empire( 1502-1521). The monument is not a functioning calendar, but instead uses the calendrical glyphs to reference the cyclical concepts of time and its relationship to the cosmic conflicts within the Aztec ideology.
Louis XIV of France used the symbol of the sun/Apollo as his personal cypher and plastered the image all over 16th century France. This symbol exemplified his connection to the divine and, hence, his absolute power.