the Sieglinde convex mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

The Sieglinde convex mirror is a classic of mine. Starting with a recycled frame that I gilded with gold metal leaf, I added several layers of Venitian glass rods in straw, pale yellow and amber. The area surrounding the mirror is composed of glass cabochons that I gilded on the back to give them a halo effect.

The Sieglinde convex mirror is currently in my studio pending being shipped to one of my showrooms.

The Sieglinde mirror is 16 inches in diameter.

Jewelry for Walls!

Sieglinde and Sigmund, illustration by Arthur Rackam

The Sieglinde convex mirror is named for one of the pivotal characters in Richard Wagner’s epic opera( actually four separate operas)Der Ring des Nibelungen( written between 1848 and 1874). Based on Norse mythology the plan involves the conflict between the world of the gods and mortal men and the natural world. Power is personified by the ring made by a magic gold forged from the Rhine gold. It bestows absolute power but the bearer must renounce love.

Sieglinde is one of fraternal twins begat by the head god, Woton. The twins are separated but reunited under stressful circumstances. The become lovers( incest!). Sieglinde becomes pregnant and gives birth to Siegfried who is destined to redeem mankind and destroy the gods( but that is another opera or two).

Needless to say, Sieglinde and her brother, Sigmund, are punished for their desecration of the tradition of marriage. Both are catalysts that lead to a new world.

Magic swords, potions, gold, dragons, water nymphs, dwarfs, flying horses,rainbows, giants and fire are involved.

Sieglinde is one of the only decent individuals in the entire Ring cycle.

Act One of Die Walküre. A sketch by Joseph Hoffmann