the Shangri-La Convex Mirror

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The Shangri-La convex mirror is made of a wood base that has been gilded.  Hundreds of pieces of Venetian glass rods in colors ranging from pale yellow to bronze are layered over the surface.  At the end of each “spoke” are small sunbursts made by me out of dyed resin.  They contribute to the mandala composition of the mirror frame.

The Shangri-La mirror is 18 inches in diameter and is in the Hewn showroom in San Francisco.

Jewelry for walls!

Shangri-La is a fictional place described in the 1933 novel Lost Horizon  by British author James Hilton. Hilton describes Shangri-La as a mystical, harmonious valley, gently guided from a lamasery, enclosed in the western end of the Kunlun Mountains. Shangri-La has become synonymous with any earthly paradise, particularly a mythical Himalayan utopia – a permanently happy land, isolated from the world. In the novel, the people who live at Shangri-La are almost immortal, living hundreds of years beyond the normal lifespan and only very slowly aging in appearance. The name also evokes the imagery of the exoticism of the Orient.

In the book/movie a cross section of Hollywood character types crash into a mountain in the Himalayas and stumble into Shangri-La.  Culture clashes, love affairs and spiritual redemption ensue.

Thanks Wikipedia for the above nutshell!

Above are scenes from the 1937 film Lost Horizons directed by Frank Capra. It starred Jane Wyatt and Ronald Coleman.

The design of the buildings in Shangri-La are sort of Tibetan Deco!



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