the Rameau convex mirror

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The Rameau convex mirror is a hybrid of sorts. I found a frame that was unforgivably ugly in the worst ’60s and ’70s way with the faux antiquing that you’d find in a in conquistador or pirate themed restaurant. You know what I’m talking about. But the basic shape was good. I covered a lot of the bad antiquing with silver metal gilding and then covered the entire frame with layers of clear Venetian glass rods. I left the original finish in the recessed areas but also covered them with glass, creating an optic fix that distorted the spongey look.

After several days of gazing at Rameau I decided that the tips needed a little dash so I used rock crystal points. They gave the mirror the bit of unexpected glam that the original mirror sorely missed!

The Rameau convex mirror is about 26 inches in diameter. It is being shipped to my Atlanta showroom, Ainsworth-Noah. For more information call 404-240-2137.

Jewelry for walls!

A portrait of Jean-Philippe Rameau painted by Joseph Ayed about 1728.

Jean-Philippe Rameau( 1683-1764) was one of the greatest composers in France during the 18th century. His work is still being performed today. For more go to

If you feel that an 18th century composer has no relevance today check out this video.