the Perseus Convex Mirror

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The Perseus convex mirror is made like a piece of jewelry.  Thin rods of Venetian glass are stacked to create depth and shimmer.  I used gold, straw and warm gray glass.  Also featured are bronze glass faceted beads that shoot shards of light.  I used golden tiger eye to complete the look.

The Perseus convex mirror is around 11.25 inches in diameter and is going to be placed in the Ainsworth-Noah showroom in Atlanta.

Jewelry for walls!

The Perseus mirror is named after the mythical demi-god Perseus. He was the slayer of the dreaded Medusa and the hero of the princess Andromeda.

Perseus and Pegasus by Lord Frederic Leighton, circa 1896
Persues with the head of Medusa, carved by Canova circa 1800

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Let us not forget the plethora of movies based on the Perseus legend.