the Lucina convex mirror

In Mirrors by Mark Evans

The Lucina convex mirror is a silver cousin of my Aladdin mirror. The major difference is that silver gilding, clear Venetian rods and a lavish embellishment of jewels make Lucina unique. And I thought Aladdin was a lot!

All of the jewels were made by me in my studio from custom molds. They contribute a warmer, more platinum coloring to the final piece.

Lucina is around 28 inches in diameter. It will be placed in one of my showrooms.

Jewelry for walls!

Lucina is the name of the goddess who is associated with both Juno and Diana in Roman mythology. She is the “one who brings children to light” and is associated with the cycle of the moon. She is the protector of married women and specially women in childbirth.

Fresco from Nero’s House of Gold in Rome.
Denarius depicting Lucilla, daughter of Marcus Aurelius on the obverse and Diana Lucina holding a torch on the reverse. Silver and minted between 164-183 CE.