the Lotus Mirror

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Lotus Mirror

The Lotus mirror is composed of a small gilded frame with Venetian glass rods in gold and bronze colors, crystal chandelier parts, quartz crystal spheres and citrine beads.

The “mirror” is actually a cabochon lens attached to a mirror.  The “mirror” has no reflection other than a convex upside-down distortion.  “The mirror with no reflection” has a certain poetic ring to it….

This small frame is 4.5 inches in diameter and is currently in my studio pending being sent to one of my showrooms.  And, yes you could wear this as a brooch if you have flair enough to pull it off!

Jewelry for walls.

Lotus Side

Lotus Detail

The lotus flower has a profound spiritual meaning over many centuries in many religions.  From the ancient Egyptians to Hindus, Buddhists and early Christians the lotus has symbolized rebirth and cosmic aspirations by the flower’s cycle of growth.  The lotus is an aquatic plant who’s beginning is in mud and muck.  It grows upwards toward the sun and the blooms open every morning and close and recede into the water every evening.

Of course, the lotus is very beautiful and has inspired artists and artisans throughout time.


A detail from the tomb of Userhet in Egypt circa 1300BC.

Temple Lotus

Pair temple Lotus

Two Japanese 18th century temple offerings made of wood, gilding and lacquer.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 4.32.40 PM

This diamond and Tahitian pearl lotus brooch was made in Italy by Assael.

Wisma Mulia Japan Lotus

A mural by Evans & Brown being prepared for shipment to Japan.  It was painted on canvas for on-site installation at the Wisma-Mulia project.